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Converting Frequency Units
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Popular Units

UnitSymbolDefinitionConversion to SI units
hertz (SI unit) Hz = Number of cycles per second = 1 Hz = 1/s
revolutions per minute rpm = One unit rpm equals one rotation completed around a fixed axis in one minute of time. ~ 0.104719755 rad/s
source: wikipedia

Convert From and To Units

•Degree/Minute (deg/min)
•Degree/Second (deg/sec)
•Gigahertz (GHz)
•Hertz (Hz)
•Kilohertz (kHz)
•Megahertz (MHz)
•Millihertz (mHz)
•Radian/Hour (rad/hour)
•Radian/Minute (rad/min)
•Radian/Second (rad/sec)
•Revolution/Hour (RPH)
•Revolution/Minute (RPM)
•Revolution/Second (RPS)